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Feline Caviar
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by Pam on Feline Caviar

Cat's Name: Tommy, Beatrice, & Diva are my indoor pets. Plus I feed multiple feral cats that call my property home.

Just wanted to let everyone know how much my cats love, love love this Feline Caviar food. So far, I have tried my cats on 4 flavors (2 of the chicken and 2 of the fish flavors). At first I was more than a little skeptical due to the pumpkin, pea, carrot, bell pepper and bean ingredients. Upon opening though, I discovered that real meat FAR outweighs any other ingredient and my cats lapped up every single morsel! I work at an all cat veterinary hospital and thus have learned the importance of feeding an all canned/wet diet. Not too long ago I was finally able to completely switch my own cats over from a diet of exclusively dry food. A process that took me many months and several wasted meals. Had I known of Feline Caviar, I am convinced the transition would have been so much easier. They readily ate with no reservations. My cats truly do love it.

Tommy, Beatrice, & Diva thank you, as well as the many ferals I feed (yes they get some too when I can afford) A True Believer!

by Camille on Feline Caviar

Cat's Name: JuJu

We rescues JuJu in May, 2014, she was so ill, emaciated. After iCU stay, subsequently needed an abdominal surgery, through all the ordeal, she survived and recovered well. Now she enjoys eating Feline Caviar brand of food, her favorite flavor is Chicken Pumpkin with Beans, but she does eat other chicken flavor food too. Watching her from near death over a year ago to now, how she enjoys eating, cleaning her face, gaining some weight is truly heartwarming. She brings so much joy and blessings to us. Thank you Feline Caviar for making such delicious, healthy food.

by Irena on Feline Caviar

Cat's Name: Ralphie

I had been feeding my cats Feline Caviar kibble and everything went well. Then I moved to Washington State and could not get Feline Caviar anywhere and I was forced to feed them something else, I don't remember what. After several months Ralphie developed crystals in his urine and the vet put him on a prescription diet which cured his problem. It was also expensive. When I returned to California I promptly bought Feline Caviar again, put Ralphie back on it and I had no more problems. Ralphie has now gone to the rainbow bridge and my other cats are still on Feline Caviar and have never been sick. I will feed them Feline Caviar forever. I also have no plans to ever leave California again.

I was first introduced to Feline Caviar when I adopted a cat from the local shelter about 20+ years ago and they sent a few pouches of Feline Caviar kibble home with that cat.

My vet was also very impressed when I brought him the ingredients list.

by Stephine on Feline Caviar

Cat's Name: Banner

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful Feline Caviar product. I am currently fostering a cat for the rescue I work for. When Banner arrived at the shelter, he had some hair loss on his face and ears, as well as some scratches and redness. This was initially attributed to fighting, as he was an unneutered male, living outside. The problem spots didn't heal; and he began having TERRIBLE diarrhea! Over the course of time, several fecal samples were collected, and all were negative for parasites. His face got worse, and he would scratch his eyes so bad that his lids would bleed. He had terrible dark eye discharge. The poor cat ended up in an e-collar for several months, while the shelter scrounged any grain-free products we could find, in order to combat what were determined to be food allergies. The problem never went away. I thought there was a chance he could be allergic to chicken. I finally had an opportunity to bring him into my home so I could completely control his diet. I stopped at my favorite local pet store, who had just started carrying Feline Caviar. I had never heard of the brand, but looked at the ingredients in the New Zealand Venison and was sold. I bought it for Banner, and within 4 days he had perfect, solid stools. I was amazed. After some trial and error (me leaving his e-collar off too long when he decided to scratch), within 3-4 weeks he could be completely e-collar free! His fur is glossy and smooth, his shedding is down, and his skin has healed. He has even lost a good amount of the extra pounds he packed on at the shelter. I am in the process of trying other proteins, but so far, no luck. I will definitely be trying the bison recipe as well. Thank you again for changing Banner's life!